Hi All,

I’m new at this blogging thing but I thought I would give it a whirl.  I am a mom to an adorable almost two year old girl who makes me smile, laugh, and yes, sometimes cry.  I was inspired to start this blog because I keep hearing the phrase “Women who have it all.” What does that even mean?  As I have started my journey into motherhood, I’ve come to realize, you can’t “have it all”, and that phrase means different things to different people. I’m part of a two parent working household, and lately I feel I have been trying to find a balance of “having enough.” I don’t mean that in terms of physical stuff. It’s meant more as a check in with myself: “Did I have enough time with our daughter today?” “Did I have enough time with my husband today?” Sometimes the answer is yes.  Other days, it’s no. But I have been working hard to remind myself that each day is a new start.

I realize how cliche some of this may seem, but I mean it from the heart.  I am friends with working moms and stay at home moms.  There are wonderful aspects to each approach and challenges to both.  That being said, some of the struggles are the same.

I look forward to blogging about some of these topics and exploring ways in which being a mom shapes your identity, some of the ridiculous things I have started doing since becoming a mom and sharing some tidbits of my life. I hope you will engage as part of the conversation as I think we can learn a lot from each other.

Today’s Tidbit:

I am currently away for a vacation with my family. Yes- I dared to say vacation. How do you think I found the time to actually make this blog happen? It’s been an idea I’ve had for quite some time, but it takes a vacation to actually start it.

Anyway, my daughter woke up around 6 AM today. I got up with her for the past 2 mornings, so my husband said he would get up with her today.  After we were sure there was no return to a deep sleep for anyone, my husband got her up and said that he was going to take her for a ride so everyone else in the house could sleep.  I know I’m not alone when I say that at this point, there was no way I was going back to sleep, but oh well, it was a nice gesture. I figured it meant a cup of coffee, and half an episode of Grey’s Anatomy if I was lucky. (I’m about 6 weeks behind for the record).

Hubs took her for a ride around town and was gone about an hour. (I did get to finish my epode of Grey’s).  Just as I was coming down the stairs I heard the door open and  “I need your help.”  As they pulled into the driveway, literally in the amount of time from when Hubs got out of the car from the driver’s seat to get Baby A, she puked all over herself.  And it wasn’t even 8 AM.

Wishing you a vomit free day,



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