I left my phone at home for a day… and survived!

Last week, I got up and went for a run while it was still dark out.  I tossed my running belt aside because I was running late and  in the rest of the craziness that is our typical morning routine.

Fast forward 45 minutes to having dropped A at daycare, and I’m now on my way to work. Panic sets in. Where’s my phone? It must be here. I have to have it. Right? Nope.  Do I turn around and risk being even later?

I decided to cut the cord and forge ahead. And you know what? I survived! The world didn’t end. I had missed calls when I got home, but nothing catastrophic.  A few missed texts, but  I simply responded later in the day.

In the era of connectivity, this was a good reminder to me that sometimes we need to take a step back, disconnect, and reprioritize.   It actually felt liberating to not be constantly checking my device!

So while it may not be realistic for you to disconnect for an entire day, try it for a few hours.  After all, it wasn’t THAT long ago that these devices didn’t even exist and we managed fine.



Book of the Week: Colors Sophie la Girafe

Most of us know Sophie by now. There are teethers, stuffed animals, books and toys that bear her resemblance.  This was one of the first books A gravitated too, and I have to admit, I love the way it uses Sophie’s friends to introduce colors.  It’s a pop up book, but the entire section of the page folds out with a handy tab, meaning it can withstand typical toddler strength.  Because of the weight of the material the pages don’t get stuck open either.  Short enough to hold her attention span, and easy enough that A could manipulate the tabs at an early age this has become one of my baby shower favorites.


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