We all need somebody to lean on…

Yesterday, when I logged onto Facebook I was reminded that this was “One Year Ago Today.”  I think this is so important, so I’m going to share it here with all of you because I think we could all use a little support once in a while:

“I want to take a moment and share a huge personal accomplishment. A little over a year ago I gave birth to our wonderful daughter . I set a personal goal for myself to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy by the time she turned 1. This was a personal goal- not for anyone else, but for me. I’m happy to say that a bit over a year later not only have I lost the weight, but I’m actually 5 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant. I also want to say this: it wasn’t easy! I worked hard. I get so mad when we see things in the media that talk about the weight “falling off because I’m running around chasing my kids.” It’s crap. It takes hard work and discipline. I learned to get up earlier than everyone, stay up later and use nap time to get my workouts in so that I was not taking time away from my family. I’ve learned how to run when I’m tired and exhausted. I’ve learned how to watch what I am eating and to do things in moderation. I’ve also learned when I have to let my workout go for the week because family time comes first. I am proud of myself for reaching my goal and could not have done this without my amazing support system. I am so lucky to have such amazing family and friends and hope that I can provide the same support for others that I have been lucky enough to receive.”




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